Business Process Services:

At Lexicon, we provide next generation business process services to global enterprises. Our key services include:

Data Management Services

Availability of accurate data forms the basic foundation of an Organization’s Systems and supports critical business functions across the enterprise. Incomplete, inconsistent, and duplicate data, resulting from poor data management processes impacts critical decisions and acts as an impediment to the governance processes.

                      Our Data Management Services follow a clear set of processes and a centralized governance structure to ensure right data is available at the right time for consumption. This ensures quick onboarding of data, while providing scalability, flexibility, and standardized service delivery.

Robotic Process Automation

For enterprises and BPOs that handle large scale, high-volume work, with an intrinsic need for productivity, quality and cost efficiency, Robotic Process Automation helps by "configuring software robots to automate manual and repetitive rule-based tasks "at a fraction of the cost of their human equivalent.

This solution to be plugged into the workflow process without disrupting the legacy system. These robots can act as automated assistants and are designed to collaborate with humans while permanently reporting on progress.


Document Services

We provide a comprehensive document and administrative support services to organizations across the globe, including

Doc Processing



Virtual Admin



Proof Reading