Big Data

Accumulated information has become a top-line asset in major platforms/companies and the ability to realize the value from this, will become the differentiating factor for the future

Smart organizations can implement Big Data methodologies to solve existing business problems, implement new business models, and drive growth in innovative ways. The key areas, our experts could help you with are,

Big Data and Technology

  • Big Data Strategy, Architecture and Roadmap
  • Technology and Tools Evaluation
  • Planning, Design and Implementation of Hadoop and other Big Data Environments

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehouse Architecture and Implementation
  • ETL- Extract, Transform, and Load
  • Data Delivery (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Dashboards, Geographical Information Systems, Data Mining, Event Driven BI and Applications)

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

  • Data Mining
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Data Discovery and Pattern Analysis
  • Unstructured Data Analysis
  • Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Model Design

Data visualization and analytics

  • Analyze, Design and Develop a visual story
  • Data Mashups, BI Apps & Dashboards, Performance Scorecards